Monday, March 21, 2011

Step Six: There's no place like home.

The last couple of weeks in Paris have been very challenging. Even though Paris is a wonderful city full of beauty and imagination it still is a city. It still has its difficulties just like any other city. So, due to the challenges that I have experienced, this next piece that I have started was inspired by the simple fact that I miss home and family.

Thats why I decided to use Judy Garland in this piece. A beautiful actress that starred in many films, but more so, because she starred in the Wizard of Oz, a movie that takes place in Kansas... Where I call home. So I thought that doing piece with her could be of some symbolic meaning. The relationship that her and I have to traveling somewhere far off and mysterious and missing home, family, and friends in the process. So enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. I would give Judy Garland a 3/10 on my hotness scale (which may be a little overrated at the moment). A real challenge would be painting Shakira AND not looking cliche.