Monday, April 9, 2012


This is just a quick sketch/rendering for my next piece. I will be doing the final piece in watercolor on a medium size canvas. The symbolic idea behind this one, is that, there is this unseen machine of time that is always ticking away. What I hope to achieve behind the head is a very mechanical and forceful feeling of rotation on the mind and body. Today with the affluence of technology in our lives it wears and tears on us. Its almost a frictional force that we experience. Not only on our minds but bodies and even relationships. I also decided to cover the skeletons face like a warrior... I thought it was fitting considering the fact that we seem to all be waging war against time. No matter who you are. You are fighting it whether you feel it or not, it is an unstoppable force upon us.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


To all of the creative minds out there… I think one of our greatest challenges as creative individuals is this constant state of searching for our selves. What makes us stand out from the rest? I think being able to discover that, in a way, unveils who we are in some nebulous way. Being able to show how you make something and what you make definitely reveals an important face of us as creators/makers. I have realized my deep obsession with the natural and the raw mechanics of the man made (i.e. industrial or hand made) and wanting to combine them or show their relationship in an elegant way. This kind of alchemic and analytical approach to the natural and fusing the unseen mechanics of not only our world that we have defined as humans, but also the world of the natural that already operates without us. The invisible organic machine is my pursuit ladies and gentlemen! I have found the two pieces of fabric, you could say, but now I need to work on how to stitch them together. Lastly, I think letting myself day dream A LOT lead to me becoming lost in my own thoughts, images, forms, patterns, and even places helped me orchestrate or hoard parts of me that existed outside of myself that I didn’t even know were there yet. I think letting your dreams - of what and who you want to be - incubate in you for a while, this… is really important.