Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Step nine: this paint is thick ma cherie

a layer.
a calque.
a dab of red.
a glob of purple.
a touch of yellow.
a tube of memories...
let it run, let it bleed...
I can not remove you, you see.
I can not erase you.
I can not dilute you ma cherie.
Your color so strong it stains me.
I try for a new day, a new canvas you see, but as I pull the layer of night over me.
it stays...
It stays.
and it stains...
Your smile.
Your soul.
Those eyes.
Your touch... it has stained me ma cherie...
I can not dilute you.
I can not wash you out.
I can not dilute ... It pangs me.
He can not lie to the heart that diluting is not fix,
this paint is different,
this paint is thick...
Oh how it runs...
Oh how it bleeds.
this paint is thick, ma cherie....

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