Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Second Step: "Just put the pen to the paper, and BINGO, bending moment max!!!"

So the title of this new post, is actually a quote from my old architectural structures professor, Dr. B. (full name Dr. Benjamin Bezaleel), an Indian man who weighted about a buck 11 (slang for 111 lbs). Your a

ll probably wondering how I know this???? Well, because he showed us one day in a lecture. He took a picture of himself, on a scale, with his pants at his ankles and the camera was pointing right at the numbers on the scale... It said 111.3453245325 lbs (something). He is this super intelligent little man! He quit KU as a professor right before we all graduated. He taught there for 35 years or more??? Don’t quote me on that… He now works for NASA where he is pursuing his invention of anti-gravity space boots AND a suit that goes with it, called the “Benjamin Suit” hahaah!! I really admire this, old in age, but vibrant and youthful spirited man. His accent was great! It was this mixture of Indian and British English. I was always mimicking him and quoting him everyday. I miss him a lot… He was one of my favorites.
Anyways, the reason I quoted him and made this quote my second entry title is because one day in class we had an exam on bending moments of trusses, and he yelled this out, "just put the pen to the paper, and BINGO, bending moment max!!" He said it, I think, because he knew we were all intimidated by finding the numbers and do all the correct calculations for the bending moment of the truss... I think life is kind of like this, you just DO IT! Just put that pen to the paper! And Bingo! Life will just happen. My work as a painter will just happen. I just need to get over my own fear of being disappointed by my own work and just do it. Let it be messy. Let me fail. I think we have to fail over and over and over again with everything. This allows us to learn from our mistakes. You will write your own life, but only until YOU PUT THAT PEN TO THE PAPER…. Then BINGO life will just happen an explosion of creativity! It's a spark that occurs. The hardest part is always starting. Then after it commences, it’s easy. It flows.

So… obviously as you can tell, I have begun drawing again. It feels good but at the same time its really frustrating. I find myself struggling already. I'm upset with myself for not drawing everyday because I'm so rusty!!!! I can’t get proportions right like I used to. I’ve just lost, my touch. Also, I'm having a hard time deciding what to draw. Do I draw objects? Do I draw weird random stuff thats in my head? Do test myself and try to copy other peoples work (for technique studies)??? Do I draw people (but only figures no detail)? Or do I draw faces, hands, feet, building, and cars??? The list goes on... I started drawing Marilyn Monroe yesterday and this other abstract piece of work (it is a mimic of Oliver Vernon's great work). Why… Well because Marily is so beautiful and classic, and the abstract piece is a mimic of Oliver Vernons work. I look up to Oliver Vernon and his wonderful work! For Marilyn, I just "googled" her, and found a striking picture of her and went to town. I had these moments when I was drawing the photo of her, I felt good, then hated it, then fixed what I hated and then messed up... This went on for about 15 minuets. Then I just quit and went onto something else. I then went back through and just started critiquing my own work. Circling areas and writing notes. So you will see all of that when I upload the drawing. Well sorry for such an abrupt ending, but I need to go to bed.

Hopefully to those who are genuinely following, please submit ideas or thoughts. See you soon.

Signing off.


    you promised that you'll show me your work, and, to be a good painter u have to honor your promises...still waiting..

  2. Hey brother!! So I was thinking you should pick your most favorite memory you have of you and i and paint that. You could go from there picking special people in your life and draw your most memorable moment with each one. It could make an amazing book of Adam one day. I love you!

  3. The blank canvas is the most terrifying thing.

    As for Marilyn Monroe... ehh.. I've had better.