Thursday, May 3, 2012


I remember speaking with a close friend of mine in Paris one night at a bar over a couple of beers. If I remember correctly we were in a bar on Rue Saint-Lazare. We were having a discussion on conceptual architecture and it was at that moment I remember realizing something so basic and obvious. Something I think we as human beings seemingly forget... so quickly I followed my words with, "everything around us is an idea..." As obvious as that sounds the implications of actually wrapping your mind around that revelation are more powerful that you realize... The floor you're standing on. The chair you're sitting in. The walls that surround you. The phone or computer you are using to read my blog at this very instant. I mean really think about that... really let that sit on your brain a bit... Tastes good doesn't it? But really. Governments, businesses, business approach/systems, rockets, phones, trains, roads, religion, architecture, wars, even your outlook on life... EVERYTHING! All these things are manifested from the mind or act as a conduit.

The reason why I bring up this obvious but yet overlooked notion of 'an idea,' and its implications if adopted are HUGE because ideas are POWERFUL! They are the most powerful force on this planet I believe. Ideas shape the topography of our lives. They shape the way we interact in a physical and emotional way. They can connect us or pull us apart. Ideas can be infectious, like a virus. People can become mentally infected by them, and If powerful enough, the idea can change them down to their very fiber of being, so much that people would die for an idea. Ideas can be thought provoking, beautiful, inspiring, devastating or even mentally taxing - based on how open that persons mental faculty is - to new encounters of new ways of thinking. 

Some come from no where as it seems. Almost as if they developed by pure chaos. As if the idea is just floating out there in the universe and somehow randomly selects to collide with you. Others proclaim that their ideas come from the aid of the great divine and some are formed in the process of just pure logic...

The adoption of new and old paradigms (ideas) influence our world. They influence and shape yesterday, today, and tomorrow. What we experience today is the application of action put to old ideas. I think realizing that putting action to any idea will influence the output of our defined world from now and into the future... Ideas come and go, new and old. The adoption of ideas is the resultant of our reality today. This is very important to understand, as well as understanding that what we see today can be changed if we choose to by adopting new ideas for tomorrow...  

I guess what I'm trying to say to whom ever reads this... Think Big! Think with the intentions of helping many people. The old ideas of selfishness and not accepting that we are all connected are obsolete. We need new positive ideas that are put into action, ones that are entirely inclusive to all of us. We need more world changing-paradigm-shifting ideas!!! 

"There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo

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